Classroom Organisation

Managing and building good relationships in class

Module 2

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To help you treat pupils consistently, with respect and consideration.
  2. To help you develop high expectations of pupils and build successful relationships, centred on teaching and learning.
  3. To identify and develop the skills and qualities that make a good classroom manager.

This module has been all about designing, shaping and improving your classroom environment, so that pupils can learn effectively in lessons.

An important part of this, is getting the balance right between your rewards and your consequences, so that your pupils know where they stand and appreciate that you are in control.

Pupils will see that you operate with a degree of fairness and that you respect them as individuals. They will feel safe and secure in your classroom and have a sense of self worth.

By improving pupils’ self esteem, you will be able to raise their levels of performance and expectations. Pupils need to know that they can succeed with you as leader.