Classroom Organisation

Know your behaviour strategies

Module 2

Classroom management

Take a leadership role in the classroom:

Ensure that these Wave 1 : Whole class behaviour management strategies are applied consistently in your lessons

  • Use positive language at all times
  • Use simple, clear directions or instructions
  • Use plenty of eye contact, but be mindful of a pupil’s cultural background
  • Teach and remind pupils about the importance of positive behaviour
  • Look around the room, praising positive behaviour as each lesson progresses
  • Use Tactical Ignoring. Focus on, and actively praise, the appropriate behaviours you wish to see in your classroom
  • Use the Language of Choice eg
    Give pupils the opportunity of choosing wanted behaviour, rather than a consequence
  • Praise improving behaviours. Tell them why
  • Try to ‘catch pupils being good’ especially those who demand too much attention by their inappropriate behaviour

Use these Wave 1 strategies for individuals, as and when necessary eg

  • Give “The Look” a non verbal communication to show that you are aware of ‘off task’ behaviour
  • Use a pupil’s name to bring her back to ‘on task’ behaviour
  • Move In and stand close to a specific pupil when talking to the class re-focus pupil
  • Provide a task challenge ie. pupil to complete task (or section of work) in set time
  • Move In to a pupil and state your classroom expectation. a ‘word in the ear’ can be more effective than a public reprimand
  • Move In and Move Away - ask pupil to come to you
  • Give a reminder, using positive language, to reinforce the classroom rule
  • Give a reprimand. This should be seen as a First Warning eg, “Kyle you need to keep hands and feet to yourself”
  • Record names of pupils who are cause for concern
  • Apply a consequence for inappropriate behaviour