Classroom Organisation

Know your classroom consequences

Module 2

Sharpening your skills

To ensure that consequences are applied fairly and consistently

  • Know what your list of consequences is, before you start teaching
  • Know when and how to apply your consequences and when to introduce school sanctions
  • Use classroom consequences that are not enjoyable
  • Apply consequences which are reasonable and respectful, when given
  • Make sure that the children understand the consequences eg. “If you do that this will happen”
  • Display your monitoring system eg. the Behaviour Recovery Board
  • Introduce consequences early in the lesson. Start as you mean to go on
  • Apply consequences using positive language
  • Apply them calmly, consistently and fairly
  • Use the language of choice eg.
    “The choice is to work at your table quietly for 5 minutes or to lose 5 minutes of your break time”
  • Give positive reminders about the classroom rules and expectations
  • Saying ‘Thank you’ at the end of a reminder giving the impression you assure it will be heeded can be very assertive and effective
  • Apply the appropriate consequence when a reminder has been ignored
  • Apply an appropriate consequence if there is a sudden and rapid deterioration in behaviour
  • Be ready to reduce the consequences when behaviour is recovered
  • Look for opportunities to praise eg.
    “Well done, I can see that you have settled down now”
    “I am impressed by the way you have followed advice”