Classroom Organisation

Know your classroom consequences

Module 2

Classroom management

Consequences need to be listed in order of increasing concern, culminating with School Sanctions for a major incident. You could choose from

  1. Express your Early Concerns
  2. Separate from others pupil eg. Use a Quiet Chair at Primary Level or Quiet Zone at Secondary Level
  3. Apply the Language of Choice
  4. Express your Increasing Concerns
  5. Move Seat to work by a good role model
  6. Move Seat to work by self
  7. Apply Timed Consequences
  8. Initiate Time with Teacher at Primary Level; Short term Detention at Secondary Level
  9. Give Final Warning
  10. Apply School Sanction
  11. Inform Tutor and Parent
  12. Apply Time Out of Class
  13. Apply Time Away from Class

At any point in this list of consequences allow pupils the choice to recover their behaviour

  • Allow pupils to make things better by making the right choices, at the right time
  • Encourage them to choose responsible or appropriate behaviour
  • Over time, you will be able to get the balance right as you settle down to managing a classroom

Empower pupils to make realistic choices based on rights and responsibilities