Classroom Organisation

Know your classroom rewards

Module 2

Classroom management

It is advisable to use a variety of rewards, which can motivate and interest pupils in different ways

Social rewards

  • Individual praise, verbal encouragement, having a quiet word
  • Non-verbal gestures eg. thumbs up, approving nod, smile
  • Positive feedback of progress and success, frequent marking of work, positive comments
  • Adding name on a Good Behaviour notice board
  • A move up the Zone Board for recognised behaviour improvement eg
    Move pupils from the Red Zone to Yellow to Green Zone for improved behaviour
  • Positive letter or phone call home to parents
  • Recognition and praise in Assembly

Token or Tangible Rewards

  • Star/sticker charts, excellent work stamps
  • Individual points card, merit slips
  • House or team points, marbles in jar etc
  • Badges for class work; Work of Week certificate
  • Merit badges for behaviour in school
  • Certificates, eg Students of the week
  • Prizes

Activity rewards

  • Tasks with additional responsibilities
  • Group rewards = special video, class disco etc
  • Activity choices, extra play time, individual choice of activity, computer rewards etc. with supervision

Things to do

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