Classroom Organisation

Know your classroom rewards

Module 2

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To develop  a range  of strategies which promote good behaviour and establish a purposeful environment.
  2. To introduce successful rewards for use in your classroom.
  3. To highlight the importance of using rewards as a benchmark for improving  and sustaining pupil behaviour within the classroom.

Used wisely, classroom rewards are a invaluable component of a teachers toolkit. When a teacher uses rewards in a classroom, she is creating an environment, which
acknowledges and recognises individual achievement and attainment.

Rewards are seen by pupils to be an important part of the school ethos. Remember that 70 to 85% of pupils will not cause you concern in the classroom and will respond favourably and positively to you and your lessons.

It is these pupils, who will benefit from your reward system and they will know if rewards are well deserved. For the remaining 15% you will need to be creative and patient.