Classroom Organisation

Know your rules and routines

Module 2

The aims of this unit are:

  1. To identify clear classroom rules and routines, with the pupils, and apply them fairly and consistently.
  2. To make clear to pupils the reasons for classroom rules and routines.
  3. To help you consider and select a set of 3 or 4 rules that could be used successfully in your classroom.

The early introduction and consistent use of rules and routines in your classroom is, perhaps, one of the keys to successful behaviour management.

When introducing a new class to a set of rules and routines, involve pupils in the decision making process. Introduced early in the term, this shared experience will help pupils to get to know the boundaries and your expectations. Mutually agreed classroom rules work far better in the long term.

If there is a doubt, the teacher can always reinforce the message by saying, “We all discussed and agreed this at the beginning of term.”