Classroom Organisation

Organising your classroom

Module 2

Sharpening your skills

Learning and enjoyment are encouraged when classroom organisation is simple and makes sense to pupils.

In the early stages of your career you might find the following checklist useful:

An organised classroom has

  • All the appropriate educational resources ready in advance
  • Stationery, exercise books, writing equipment etc
  • Shelves and cupboards where the books and equipment can be found are labelled
  • An inspiring environment with appropriate displays
  • Appropriate desk arrangements and a clear seating plan

Well ordered and managed classes feature

  • Classroom rules that are communicated to pupils
  • Entry and exit procedures to and from the classroom that are known by pupils
  • Rewards and consequences that are applied consistently and fairly
  • A teacher with appropriate behaviour management strategies

Successful teaching and learning are most likely where

  • Pupils know the lesson objectives and outcomes
  • The interests and aptitudes of pupils are met and the teaching takes account of the varied ways in which pupils learn
  • Lesson content is differentiated for all abilities
  • All pupils can hear you (and each other where appropriate) and see shared resources (eg
  • Appropriate pace and quality of learning are maintained

Things to do

  • Click here to print off your ‘Things to do’ checklist (8.3)