Getting Started

Module 1

Classroom Management

Professional development is a continuing and career-long journey for teachers. As you start you will improve your confidence and competency by gradually acquiring classroom skills.

During your initial school placements

  • Observe other teachers to start learning the arts and skills of classroom teaching
  • Identify good classroom practices, try them out and evaluate them and practise them
  • Identify a range of successful behaviour management strategies
  • Practice the teacher skills and behaviours needed for promoting good pupil/student behaviour
  • Model the behaviour you expect to see in your classrooms

With each new school experience

  • Add to your repertoire of teaching and classroom managerial skills
  • Continue your development by observing and working alongside experienced teachers
  • Observe a number of lessons across the curriculum in a variety of contexts

During your first NQT appointment

  • Use and apply the key principles of successful classroom and behaviour management
  • Reflect upon the best classroom practice
  • Discuss your learning with colleagues and observe/listen to reactions and feedback from pupils/students

Throughout the process remember to

  • Be pro-active and be familiar with school policies
  • Read the school’s Behaviour, Discipline and Anti-Bullying policies and apply these consistently
  • Be a good team player
  • Be prepared to ‘sing from the same hymn sheet’ as your colleagues