The Interactive Guide to Behaviour Management

Welcome to the Interactive Guide to Behaviour Management brought to you by Inclusive Behaviour Publications in collaboration with the National Education Union. The NEU, through this collaboration is making it available free to its newly qualified teacher members.

The website will help you create and maintain a positive learning environment for your pupils/students.

It will support you in fulfilling you aspirations and meeting the expectations and responsibilities on you as a teacher.

The site is organised in eight Modules each one focussing on a common aspect of behaviour management.

Each Module has:

A video room
where students and teachers talk about their personal experiences relevant to the content of the Module.

Classroom management strategies
Which includes examples teachers have used in classrooms to resolve current concerns. These can be tried and evaluated by you and those that support your teaching can be added to your behaviour management toolkit.

And a section ‘Sharpening your skills’
This contains helpful hints, useful tips and ideas to support your personal and professional development and add further strategies for your consideration and implementation.