Aims & Benefits

This website aims to:

  • Support you as you gain confidence in the classroom
  • Offer practical strategies for behaviour management
  • Promote good classroom practices that will develop behaviour for learning within the individual and groups of pupils you teach
  • Help you meet current standards for qualified teacher status as well as the expectations of tutors, mentors, colleagues and inspectors
  • provide back-up resources for use in your classroom, and
  • enable you to participate in discussions about behaviour with your colleagues and make full use of the behaviour policies in the schools where you teach.

Our approach is underpinned by these understandings:

  • Consistency is vital for long-term effectiveness
  • Fire is best dowsed with water (not more fire)
  • Creating a calm, firm, but fair, classroom is most condusive to teaching
  • Depersonalising situations, using the language of choice, and focussing on the behaviour, not the person, helps you remain calm and is beneficial to your pupils
  • Showing that you care about pupils their learning, self-esteem and sense of belonging is fundamental to being a successful teacher
  • Self-responsible, appropriately behaved pupils, learning successfully is the desired outcome not mere compliance, and
  • Your school and colleagues are vital for support and advice, school sanctions that back you up in the classroom, and professional discussion about behaviour management that improves your practice and helps reduce the stress that the most challenging pupils and situations can generate.

We recognise that:

  • Managing large numbers of pupils and providing learning and achievement demand a range of skills which need to be developed
  • Pupils begin school for some, each day with varying degrees of understanding of what is appropriate behaviour and they have to learn what is expected, with some needing to be taught specifically how to meet some expectations
  • Behaviour management is not an exact art or science and requires much more than following tips or simply applying rules, and
  • Becoming expert requires an active learning process and the refinement of behaviour management strategies should be a career-long process.

It is recommended that:

  • Wherever possible you discuss and interpret the strategies suggested in the website with a tutor, mentor or another trainee or newly qualified teacher as appropriate to the stage you have reached in becoming a teacher
  • Suggested strategies are trialled, evaluated and where they work for you, become a consistent part of your classroom practice, and
  • You collect and record evidence from the developmental process for inclusion in any portfolio or professional development file you are required to complete as a trainee or newly qualified teacher.